Vacuums Machine

Vacuums Machine

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 UseTo vacuum and package products
 Machine Type2 chambers
 Control Panel Set on the machine
 MaterialStainless steel 304 and others


  • Temperature indicator.
  • Seremit 50 insulation cover, covered with 304 stainless steel
  • The fryer includes 2 frying cages
  • The product is fried evenly, without residue, and has a uniform color.
  • An oil circulation filter system helps increase oil life and save oil.
  • The burner can control the appropriate temperature for each type of product.

System included: 

  • The frying tank contains oil and has filling and a frying conveyor.
  • Heating tank.
  • Filtration system and residue removal.
  • In/out oil tank.


Oil from the tank is transferred to the heating element by a pipeline with an exhaust/closing valve. The heating tank heats the oil and is pumped to the frying tank, where workers load the material onto the conveyor belt and transfer the product to the frying tank. move along the conveyor belt to the output. Meanwhile, the oil is returned to the tank through the tin filter and residue removal system before being recirculated and heated in the heating tank.