Smart Shrimp Sorter

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 ModelPCC-6L, PCC-4L
 CapacityModel PCC -6L: 3187 kg/h (size 20 pcs/pound) & 1598 kg/h (size 40 pcs/pound)
Model PCC -4L: 2124 kg/h (size 20 pcs/pound) & 1062 kg/h (size 40 pcs/pound)
 UseAutomatic sorting shrimp by camera into 6, 7, 10, 12 different sizes
 MaterialInox SUS 304 and other materials


  • The Smart Shrimp Sorter is able to identify and grade HOSO, and also HLSO shrimp.
  • By using AI technology, the Smart Shrimp Sorter can identify each shrimp, and automatically determine the size, weight, and volume of each shrimp by capturing 3D images and laser shooting with high accuracy and speed.
  • Equiped with new technology of taking 3D images by camera, The Smart Shrimp Sorter can automatically identify and separate crushed and broken shrimp.